Grain Master Wonder Mills - Hawaiian Orders

(Hawaiian version of the Whisper Mill)

120 Volt 60 Cycle, Hawaiian Electricity Specifications


Lifetime warranty protection for Hawaiian residents


Service is done in USA for all Hawaiian residents


 Supplied from USA warehouse


US Post Insured delivery mail service

Ship out

Next day from order received


Distributor enquiries welcome

Retail shops

Retail shop proprietors enquiries welcome

Retail $'s

USD$219.95 (Hurry, Limited Special)

Export $'s

USD$219.95 (Hurry, Limited Special)

Delivery time

Free - Excellent service by US Post

Yes, I would like to order the GrainMaster Wonder Mill...

 Wonder Mills - 120 Volt 60 Cycle Canadian electricity @ USD$219.95

My details are as follows..

 Post Code:

Method of payment:

Do not send money. For security, we will contact you personally regarding details for your preferred payment method and choice of insured, Surface mail, Airmail or UPS Air courier.

I was referred by the following distributor (if any)

Delivery Instructions

(Only complete if different from above)
 Post Code:  

We're getting automated, but for now, you can simply email your interest to grainmastersales@optusnet.com.au

If you prefer, please print this form and fax to GrainMaster Interactive Services on +613-9794-9607.

To order by phone, please call +613-9792-0070.

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