Grain Master Whisper Mills - United Kingdom Orders


240 Volt 50 Cycle
(UK specifications)


Service available in Australia or the USA for UK residents


Supplied from Australian warehouse

Ship out

Next day from order received


Distributor enquiries welcome

Retail shops

Retail shop proprietor enquiries welcome

Export £'s

GBP £300 (excluding P&H)


 Personal choice of insured, Surface mail, Airmail, or UPS Air courier

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Whisper Mill - 240 Volt 50 Cycle (UK Specifications) @ GBP£300 (excludes P&H)

Surface mail US Postal deliveries Worldwide - GBP£15.95

Airmail US Postal deliveries Worldwide - GBP£31.95

UPS couriers deliveries Worldwide - GBP£63.95

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Grainmaster Interactive Services Contact Details
Phone:   +613-9792-0070
Fax:   +613-9794-9607
Email:   grainmastersales@optusnet.com.au

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