"I am living proof of the effectiveness of real whole grain fibre." - Sue Becker.

"An elated friend called. She had just come from the doctor. Her cholesterol had dropped 85 points in one month! This was significant to her since her last doctor had given her no hope of lowering her cholesterol. She had been trying for years, but no avail. "It's the bread," she cried. "I know it's the bread. I haven't changed any other part of my diet. At every meal I always eat some of your bread no matter what else I have to eat."

"This testimony encouraged me to understand more. Why could this 'real bread' be so effective? With a degree in Food Science, I have some understanding of biochemistry and microbiology. As I studied biochemically the nutrition value of 'real bread', I was both amazed and in awe of our Almighty God. I could now see why the sifting of the fibre and the nutrients from the flour has directly or indirectly caused many of the common diseases that now plague our country.

"High cholesterol is indeed a common problem. Lecithin is a key nutrient in the metabolism of fats and is found in any unrefined food with oil. Yet the refining process of the food industry destroys lecithin. Fresh milled wheat contains lecithin as well as B6, inositol, and choline; all essential nutrients for lecithin production.

"Grain fibre helps to remove fat from the walls of the colon. Fibre also promotes fresh bile production. Bile is made by the liver out of cholesterol. The key nutrients for keeping cholesterol levels in check are in our freshly ground, daily baked bread.

"America and Great Britain are the most constipated nations in the world. Constipation is basic to a whole list of diseases which could be avoided were the fibre not stripped from our foods. Fibre increases the bulk of the stool, yet softens the stool by absorbing water much like a sponge would do. This decreases constipation as well as shortening the transit time of the stool in the intestinal tract. Doctors everywhere agree that constipation is due to one factor only - lack of fibre in the diet. If fibre, especially grain fibre, were added back to our diets, this would end the need for laxatives.

"I am living proof of the effectiveness of real whole grain fibre. Once we freshly ground the grain and made our first batch of 'real bread' my struggles with constipation ended. I did not realise how my constipation had caused such a lack of energy, irritability, headaches and sinus congestion. Many have testified to the effectiveness of the daily ground, freshly baked bread for relieving their constipation. After having tried laxatives and stool softeners, people are thrilled and amazed at the results from this bread. They definitely like the taste of the bread better too.

"The wide use of antihistamines in our country is also related to the problem of constipation. With constipation comes a high level of toxin builds up in our bodies, thus causing the response of mucous formation in the sinuses. The shortened transit time and the thorough cleansing of the colon promoted by high fibre diet reduces this toxin build up and therefore eliminates both the mucus formation and the need for antihistamines. This was a great revelation to me and I have now been antihistamine free since eating this bread.

"Diverticulitis is a condition that affects one out of three people and results from problems caused by trying to eliminate hard stools. Surgery is the traditional solution, but we have a friend who was totally healed without surgery, just by adding bread made from fresh milled grains to his diet. Our first mill sale came by sharing one loaf of bread with another friend who had one third of his lower track removed due to diverticulitis. Noticing such significant benefits over the high fibre products from the health food store, he purchased a mill, sight unseen!

"Thirty-five percent of cancer is caused by diet. Fibre keeps our colons thoroughly cleansed, thus eliminating the possibility of infection and toxin build up. Grain fibers are known to actually leach carcinogens from our systems. Wheat and most grains may absorb up to 20 per cent while grain sorghum has been found to absorb as much as 50 per cent. Thus Fresh milled grains, can help avoid cancer.

"One of the testimonies we hear over and over, once people begin to mill their grains and make their own bread, is that of reduced cravings for sugar. The demand for energy is now being adequately met with a diet rich in complex carbohydrates. Glutamine is the amino acid that is directly related to the metabolism of sugar and its richest source is wheat. Since sugary foods tend to weaken the immune system and fed causing bacteria, we have seen a tremendous improvement in health with the elimination of these types of foods....."

Sue Becker

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"The Seed That Saved My Life" - Gary Skeem

"It was October 1964. I had just been married 4 months, when I discovered a lump in my lower abdomen. A trip to the local doctor landed me in hospital the next day, and soon it was determined that I had cancer, of a variety that would no doubt kill me within 5 years. A number of treatments were tried on me, but none seemed to react as the doctors had hoped, so I was sent home with little hope from the medical people. Because of X-ray treatments etc., it was also determined I would not be able to father children, which was a great disappointment to my wife and myself.

"Some time later I happened to read an article that had an interesting effect on my life. Basically what was discussed was the fact that oils of Freshly Ground grains (especially wheat) contained a good amount of a particular type of "E" vitamin that naturally strengthens the very body cells that cancer attacks. Some other by-products of this vitamin is that it also plays an important part in rebuilding other body cells in the blood, liver, heart, reproductive and digestive systems, and more.

"This lowly seed of wheat was made out to be some sort of health program all wrapped up in one tiny package. I doubted it could be all that great... But on the other hand, what did I have to lose? Could mother nature be so kind to provide a food so complete in its make-up that all the trace elements, minerals and chemicals found in the human body are also found in approximately the same proportions in the wheat seed??? Is this "wheat seed" able to actually restore my health and well being??? Is it really worth my time to grind wheat fresh, and prepare food from scratch?

Nearly 20 years have passed and I've outlived the doctor who sent me home to die, I am the father of 11 children, and I have enjoyed the best of health in mind and body. I truly love the seed of wheat that gave me life. To me and my family, the effort it takes us to grain in our daily eating habits has been more than worth the time it has taken, not only in health but also in economics. I enjoy making my living helping people see the need, and providing the equipment to use the wonderful seed of wheat. The seed that saved my life....to this I testify.

Gary Skeem.

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"When I began to grind my own wheat into flour...my health began to be restored." - Edna King.

"The question has often been asked - 'How did you come to be grinding wheat flour and making bread?' Had I not gone through a year of ill health. I would not have begun doing this!

"I went to a doctor only to find out what a small lump was on the side of my knee; to learn later it was ganglion. On my first visit I was found to have very high blood pressure. Through medication I became very weak, till I ended up in bed for five months. My husband stayed home six weeks from his place of employment to care for me. Christopher stayed home some days from school to do what he could for me. It seemed God began to speak to me about grain. In the book of Isaiah I was drawn to that which spoke about bread, corn, wheat and rye. God is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working: I read.

"After being in hospital the second time, I managed to go as far as Warrnambool for a short holiday. While resting at the flat where we stayed. I picked up a book and it was about wheat and other grains including making bread.

"I felt that I must get some wheat. I asked a relative for some wheat to try cooking something with it. When I received it, I endeavored to grind it through an old-time meat mincer without success. I put some grain in a vitamiser- that wasn't good enough, in disgust I gave the wheat to the fowls.

"My sister had been in a car accident: she also was found to have high blood pressure. She sent me a Health news pamphlet to read about vitamins, but instead I saw a tiny advertisement for a mill. I asked my husband to take me to purchase one. I had made up my mind to put aside the tablets- I'd been weak long enough.

"When I began to grind my own wheat into flour, Making my own cakes, bread and biscuits, my health began to be restored. I have continued using only whole wheat flour and other grains. I have had my mill almost three years now. To feel so well, strong and able to cook, sew, give bread making demonstrations and be involved in other church activities and to do just what I want to; I thank God for his leading. I learnt later, out of a German health book, that wheat, barley and oats are for strength. That was just what I needed as I have never felt so well. My sister's experience is the same.

Edna King.

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"I find I don't have to shop every day and I know the family is getting good food." - Mrs Edna Kellet.

Using whole grain flours and cereals and unrefined foods is just a part of living for Mrs Kellet.

"I find I don't have to shop every day and I know the family is getting good food," she says.

"And, what's more, I'm saving money by buying food in bulk."

Since early last year Mrs Kettel, from North Balwyn, has been using a mill in her own kitchen. And she's full of enthusiasm for the foods she is producing.

"To get all the goodness from the whole grain it should be used within 72 hours of being milled," says Mrs Kellet. "This is why it is important to mill your own"

Mrs Kellet uses her mill for grinding most grains- rice, barley, rye, millet. And with a simple adjustment it can grind fine, medium or coarse.

"I'm not a health food crank," she says, "but I feel so much more healthy since I've been eating these natural foods."

Raw sugar, honey, nuts, dried fruits, powdered skim milk are all stored in her pantry.

"For long storage, the wheat must be a hard grain that is high in protein and with a 10 per cent moisture content," Mrs Kellet said...For the past 12 months Mrs Kellet has been giving cooking demonstrations for people in her church group.

"Not only are these foods good for you but they taste good" she says. And she enjoys sharing her recipes and ideas with other people.

Mrs Edna Kellet

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